Organized. Uncomplicated. Insightful. She likes simple things, full of detail and, at the same time, genuine and simple. Manager in tourism, creating magical days is what she really likes to do. She is married to João and mother of Francisca and Leonor.


Funny. Creative. Insightful. Passionate about life and family. Electric by nature. A Benfica lover for live. He loves image and everything that has to do with it. Technical drawing designer, it was in the events that he has discovered his true passion. He is married to Cátia and father of Francisca and Leonor.


Funny. Playful. Smart and saucy. She loves to laugh and to wander. Her playmate is Café, the most beautiful kitten in the world.


Happy. Energetic. Determined and stubborn. She never sits still and is always ready to play. Francisca is her best friend and together they are the soul of the family and of Plano A.