In the huge blue of the Atlantic Ocean, mother nature created a land full of natural wealth: the Azores Archipelago.
The Azores are nine Portuguese islands hidden in the infinity of the Atlantic Ocean - From São Miguel, teeming of lagoons, we take a leap to Santa Maria, with its beaches of white sand and its semi-desert, arid and clayish landscape, red in color; we then go to Terceira, known for being the most festive, with the beautiful city of Angra do Heroísmo, World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In São Jorge, we find the paradise of the Fajãs and in Pico, we are overwhelmed by the imposing mountain, the highest point of Portugal, and the spectacular landscape of the vineyard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. In Faial, the marina and the sailboats transport us to another reality, a more cosmopolitan one, with Pico always by its side. In Graciosa, slowness and peacefulness are the main elements, being this island a Biosphere Reserve Site by UNESCO, along with the island of Flores, with an indescribable natural landscape, and the island of Corvo, the smallest of all the islands, with its majestic Caldeirão
All of them of volcanic origin, what makes them similar and, nevertheless, with so different personalities. This is a land of breathtaking landscapes, in full harmony with nature, with the sea... it´s a land of warm and friendly people, with very peculiar traditions, which love to host and to share. The gastronomy, the wines, the climate, the festivities, the environment, the culture ... everything makes them (us) unique, different.
We want to welcome you in our magical corner! We are based on Terceira Island, but we embark with you on a magical journey to any of these wonderful nine islands.
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