Our history begins in 2012 when we created planoaevents, in Terceira Island, Azores (Portugal)... since then, we have built up experiences and stories shared with very special people: our brides and grooms. We believe in love and in life, and for this reason, we love to magic unforgettable moments and to creating eternal memories.
We imagine stories, we develop concepts, we create moments - we organize and decorate weddings; we plan your spot on wedding, which could only be in the Azores!

And what is a spot on wedding? It's what YOU groom, and YOU bride want! It's your wedding, tailored to you. Our marriage must be our face, our essence. The bride´s essence, the groom´s essence, the couple´s essence ... Every bride and groom are the writers and actors of their own story; that´s how we see it; that´s how we do it. If it is what you value, it's going to be a success. - it's going to be your spot on wedding!